Pentatonix Craze

I always knew Pentatonix was going to do well. In 2011, the group of five won the acapella TV competition Sing Off on the NBC network, and...

Unaware of the Awareness

Is it possible to be so unaware of how unaware you really are? I’m talking about the spreading of important issues among the student...

Steve Gorton/ Dorling Kindersley / Universal Images Group

DSLR Or Point And Shoot?

Buying a new camera may not seem like the biggest of deals, but recently students have taken to buying Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR)...

Matthew MacPake / PA Archive / Press Association Images / Universal Images Group

Chapel Therapy

A student’s reflection on chapel topics and music. Production By: Christian Oshiro, Jaryd Sugihara & Danielle Woo.