Student council elections are coming up and this week, students will get to hear from the candidates in a special student council assembly.

Bible teacher and council adviser Tony Traughber says, “Students should consider who they think will be the biggest supporters of our school next year. Who will work hard to make all-school homerooms informative and enjoyable? Who can bring fresh ideas to our traditional activities and create new traditions for future students to inherit?  Who can work with administration, faculty, and students to create a better school culture?”

Here are the candidates for next year’s student council:


1. Christian Chee (’15) — “Work hard. Play hard. Real people get real respect.”


[three_fourth_last]”I can contribute fun, different ideas that will allow students to contribute to major events, and unite the school.  I will get the work done first so students can have a great year.”[/three_fourth_last]

2. Jantzen Nakai (’16) — “Don’t deny, I’m your guy, vote for me, Jantzen Nakai.”


[three_fourth_last]”If elected I’d like to try and work with the administration and see if students can again use their cell phones during break and lunch.  I don’t understand why we can immerse ourselves in our iPads, but not use our phones.”[/three_fourth_last]

Vice President

1. Malia Grinder (’15) — “Working to Serve You! Our School’s and Your Best Interest is My Goal!”

[one_fourth]photo (10)-3 [/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]”I [can] contribute my year of experience on the Student Council, bring back things such as affordable Winter Banquet tickets and more Homeroom representative involvement. And [have] more efficient ways to keep our student body better informed! (For example: An announcement board for the Student Council).”[/three_fourth_last]

2. Josh Kishaba (’15) — “Don’t just have peace, but have inner peace.


[three_fourth_last]”I will try to listen to all the students and use my previous student experiences to make sure this year is legendary.”[/three_fourth_last]

Corresponding Secretary

1. Alyssa Futa (’17)


[three_fourth_last]”I would like to have more all school socials so everyone could have more friendships outside their own grade. Also I would like to have the students have more of a voice in Spirit Week decisions. I would also hope to effectively communicate information between the student council and the students and vice versa.”[/three_fourth_last]

2. Rylie Sumimoto (’15)


[three_fourth_last]”If I am elected, I hope to make information (i.e. spirit shirt/class shirt days) more accessible. I would also like to continue the creative ideas of this student council, like Skatie Hawkins and Intramural Sports.”[/three_fourth_last]

Recording Secretary

1. Sydney Lau (’15)


[three_fourth_last]”If I’m elected, I promise that I will do my best to work towards what the students want. I will pay attention during meetings and do my job to its best by taking notes and sharing them with my fellow officers.”[/three_fourth_last]


1. Isabel Wiemken (’16)


[three_fourth_last]”My goal is to keep high school a positive environment and experience for everyone.”[/three_fourth_last] 

April 24 Update: Election Results