This isn’t your typical YouTube beauty guru’s blog.

I will be sharing my experiences and knowledge about makeup that I have accumulated over the years. My observations throughout the years is that young girls are judged for wanting to explore with makeup. There is no harm for a girl to want to explore different eyeshadows, eyeliners, and blushes. Makeup is a form of art and self-expression. It is delicately painting on a perfect blank canvas and transforming it into a work of art.

[one_third]Makeup is a form of art and self-expression.[/one_third]

To all the girls out there who are scared to explore with makeup due to judgement, fear of the unknown, or just simply because an eyelash curler looks like a death trap: Beauty isn’t defined by how many Instagram likes you have, or followers on Tumblr. It is about confidence, fierceness, and ability to love yourself and let that show. Follow me as I share my makeup trial and errors, and answer some questions.

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[two_third_last]I have always had an affinity for lipsticks. I remember when I bought my first MAC Cosmetics lipstick. It was in my sophomore year of high school, and I was determined to start a lipstick collection. My sister had this really bright barbie pink one called Pink Nouveau, and I was on the hunt to get my own. I walked into the MAC store in Ala Moana and asked one of the professionals if she could help me. She gave me a tester and let me try the color on. I loved it! It had a satin finish, which means it has a slight shimmer but still has a lot of pigment. I cherished this lipstick. Pink Nouveau went everywhere I went. Still to this day, it is one of my favorite lipsticks. Since then, I have accumulated many more lipsticks in different colors and finishes.[/two_third_last]


My Favorite MAC Lipsticks


[three_fourth_last]Ruby Woo (in Retro Matte) is the perfect red lipstick and works well with every skin tone. If you’re looking for a great red color, I highly recommend this one.[/three_fourth_last]



Media (in Satin) is my favorite fall lipstick. It is a wine/burgundy color. I highly recommend using lip liners and a primer for both of these lipsticks. It will help the color stay on longer, and it makes it look a lot cleaner.



[three_fourth_last]Kinda Sexy (in Matte) is a great everyday-natural lip color. It is a nude lipstick that has just the right amount of pink pigment. This color is my favorite at the moment.[/three_fourth_last]



[three_fourth_last]My favorite shimmer MAC lipstick is Creme Cup (in Cremesheen.) is a light baby pink that works as an everyday lipstick. Since there is shimmer, the lipstick will give off a glittery look.[/three_fourth_last]

For more colors, check out MAC’s full palette of colors here.

All swatches above are from MAC’s website.

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POST #2:

I started wearing false eyelashes in the beginning of my junior year of high school. My sister came home from Japan and gave me two pairs of Shu Uemura eyelashes. I thought it was pretty dumb at the time because I didn’t like false eyelashes. She encouraged me (I mean, forced me) to try on a pair. So I did. My eyes transformed into another shape. These eyelashes gave my eyelids a “crease”. Makeup started look a lot better. Also, my eyes look bigger, which is always a plus. This was probably the most exciting day of my life considering I spent 16 years stuck with “monolids.” For those of you who don’t understand what “monolids” are like, well, basically putting on eyeshadow sucks. I can’t put a dark shadow on the outer corner of my eyelid without looking like a psychotic witch. I can’t do the cool eyeshadow looks that most beauty gurus demo.

With false eyelashes, I am now able to do more with my makeup. In some ways, it can save you time. Instead of taking extra care to carefully apply thin coats of mascara, I can just easily place false eyelashes on my eyelid. I have longer and more voluminous, non-clumpy lashes. Here are some of my favorite eyelashes that are not as expensive as Shu Uemura:

Pixie Lush Lash from House of Lashes


[three_fourth_last]These are my everyday eyelashes. I know that they look a little dramatic for everyday use, but these really are not that bad. House of Lashes produces high quality lashes that don’t have that plastic-y feel like the Red Cherry brand lashes do. These are also reusable. I get at least 10 uses out of one pair of them. The best part about these lashes is that they also work with a little heavy eyeliner for a perfect date night, giving you eyes a soft dramatic effect.[/three_fourth_last]

Pin-Up Lash from Benefit


[three_fourth_last]Benefit false eyelashes are really great lashes for a more dramatic look. They are soft and look really natural. I can also get many uses out of Benefit’s eyelashes. I use these for special occasion dinners.[/three_fourth_last]

Images from House of Lashes and Benefit websites.

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January 23, 2015


If you are new to makeup, you may be asking yourself, “Where do I start?”. Don’t feel embarrassed, I asked myself the same question when I first started. If you’re a beginner, I suggest choosing natural—colors that are close to your skin tone—color products. If you like the Halloween makeup look as your daily look, then go for the wild colors.


For your beautiful eyes, I recommend going with a natural look. It gives you a lot of room for mistakes. (Trust me, you will make a lot of mistakes.) I suggest picking up a mascara, eyelash curler, and eyeliner. Some great and affordable mascaras are the Maybelline Falsies, and L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. If you are feel like treating yourself to a high end mascara, I personally recommend the Lancome Precious Cells mascara. It is a drier formula, and it gives your lashes an excellent curl. A really good quality eyeliner is the Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner. It doesn’t smudge, and you can get a really sharp line. Your eyebrow game needs to be strong. My recommendation is to pick up a eyebrow pencil stick that matches the shade of your hair color.


For a foundation, don’t go cheap. A high end foundation changes the finish of your makeup look. Instead of looking slightly orange or a little too pale, you will look fresh and fabulous. If you have sensitive oily skin, I recommend the Clinique Acne Solution foundation. Laura Mercier has a good foundation line and it is made for all skin types. Any translucent powder will suffice. It keeps the foundation in place, and mattifies your face. On the look-out for a bronzer? Steer away from shimmery bronzers. These types of bronzers are fun, but they will end up making you look muddy.


  1. Make sure to start off with a freshly washed face. Apply a little moisturizer if your skin is on the drier side. Now, squeeze out a pea-sized amount of a tinted moisturizer on the back of your hand. Warm up the moisturizer by patting it. This helps during the blending process. Using a beauty blender or any makeup brush, apply the tinted moisturizer all over your face. Tinted moisturizers are a lot lighter than a foundation, but it also gives enough coverage to even out your skin tone.
  2. Set the foundation using a powder with a big fluffy brush.
  3. Fill in your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of your hair. Follow the natural shape of your eyebrow to create a natural look. Try to use gentle small strokes. If you press too hard it will give you the “sharpie” look.
  4. With your eyeliner, create a line right parallel to your upper lash line. I recommend using a felt tip liquid eyeliners as they are easy to work with. Create a little wing on the ends if you are feeling fierce.
  5. Apply a light coat of mascara on your eyelashes.
  6. Curl your eyelashes with any eyelash curler. I use a Shu Uemura curler. Since I have hard to curl eyelashes, I heat the eyelash curler with a hair dryer to keep my eyelashes perky.
  7. Put on a natural lip gloss or lipstick.
  8. TADA! You’re all done.