HBA’s high school Chinese language program will be taking students on a one-week trip to Taiwan over the upcoming spring break.

The trip, which is open to all Chinese students regardless of their level, will take place from March 15 to 23. The twenty travelers, along with a handful of parent chaperones, will be led by a local travel agency.

“I’m as excited as the students are,” said Chinese teacher Christy Qin, or “Qin lao shi” as her students know her.

Most of the participants have never traveled on an international school trip, let alone been to Taiwan. “Going to Taiwan is something I always wanted to do because some of my family and friends are from Taiwan, and when I heard that we were able to go as a school, I was very excited,” junior Michelle Lee said. Classmate Ryan Wong added, “I’ve learned so many new words in Chinese, and I would love to develop my Chinese in Taiwan where there are so many native speakers that can help me.” Senior Lisa Zheng said, “It’ll definitely be interesting to see the differences and similarities in culture.”

Like her students, Qin is full of anticipation for the trip. “It’s my first time arranging this event, and it’s also my first time going to Taiwan,” she explained. Her hope for her students is for them to “practice their language skills, broaden their horizons by going to a foreign country, and jump out of their comfort zone by doing things on their own,” she said. For herself, she’s “looking forward to gaining new interests, tastes, likes, and friendships, and to be more appreciative about how lucky we are to be able to travel.”