At the beginning of the semester, students in the theater class had the opportunity to audition for parts in High School Musical, the class’s spring production.

Students were required to memorize many parts for the audition. Theater teacher Chad Logan said, “To get a lead role, you need to audition.  In the audition you would have to prepare a song, prepare a monologue, and answer two interview questions.”

Many students had the same technique when trying to memorize the monologue. Freshman Alyssa Futa said, “I reread the monologue they gave us a lot and practiced in front of the mirror.  I also sang in the shower to practice my song.”

Junior Dominique Hart said, “For me, I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was alright. I was pretty nervous since I don’t really sing seriously in front of people often.” She felt that there was a lot of pressure to get things right during the audition.


 “I auditioned because it’s good to try new things and I wanted to experience it.”

Junior Dominique Hart


First timer freshman Mackenzie Cammack said “I’m confident enough to decide to audition, but I do not know if I will get a part. With or without a part though, I am sure the production will be a blast. Finally after much practice and help from my sister, I think I am ready for auditions.”

The lead roles of Gabriella and Troy went to seniors Micah Pascual and Brent Vargas for the senior cast. Juniors Deanna Wong and Maclain Oishi will play the lead roles for the underclassmen cast.

Though some students didn’t get the parts they wanted, they will still get to perform in the musical and those who auditioned got to experience a real audition. Hart said “I auditioned because it’s good to try new things and I wanted to experience it.”

The musical will run on May 2 and 3 at HBA’s elementary auditorium and will involve more than 50 theater class students, both onstage as performers and backstage as the production crew.