Over the summer, the Christian Ministries team held a potluck and worship service—called 529 (for 5pm to 9pm)—for students every other Thursday.

Starting this school year, these small gatherings (minus the potlucks) will continue in the form of a worship service during lunch every fourth friday of the month. According to Christian Ministries Director Rob Lockridge, the purpose of the event is “to give students an opportunity to personalize their faith, and to fellowship with one another.” The session will start with musical worship, continue into a devotional time, and end with small group sharing times.

The time will be led by Assistant Christian Ministries Associate John Kaneshiro. As an HBA alumni, Kaneshiro says there is a need for more fellowship in school and hopes that the weekly sessions will serve this purpose. “I’m looking forward to…a glimpse of heaven and a chance to worship without borders,” he says. “What better way than share that ongoing experience with our body of believers here at HBA?”

[one_third]”Worship is so intimate and really deserves its own time…” —Kailee Liu (’16)[/one_third]

Junior Kailee Liu is planning to attend these worship sessions. “I am definitely excited for the worship services coming up,” she says.  “I am looking forward to generally having more opportunity to grow spiritually. Worship is so intimate and really deserves its own time which is exactly what these services will provide.”

The first worship session is scheduled for August 29, which is the fifth friday of the month, as the seventh grade camp is taking place on the fourth Friday. Lockridge encourages students to get involved by volunteering to lead or be part of the worship team. The session will be held in room  in D201/202.

Photograph by Kylie Takai (’15)