I’ve always had a love for reading. I fondly remember when I was in elementary school I would spend hours upon hours reading books in my bedroom. From The Magic Treehouse in second grade to Harry Potter in sixth grade, I have truly enjoyed how books helped me escape to fantastical realms and alternate universes. Like many of the book readers at HBA mentioned in my most recent article, I loved how written stories captured other-worldly experiences.

I have my dad to thank for my bookish tendencies. Since I was 9, my dad and I would read the same books and up to this day I still receive text messages of new books that he thinks I would like. I discovered this same connection over books with my best friend, Marissa, who is also an avid reader. Especially since the start of quarantine, we have been sending book reviews to each other. I would open my phone to several notifications on TikTok from Marissa tagging me in new #BookTok videos. In addition, I would find myself sending her Instagram announcement posts of our favorite books becoming TV or movie adaptations. Our shared love for reading has inspired us to start this blog in hopes of compiling a collection of our book reviews and corresponding life reflections.

Personally, I hope that this blog—which we’ve titlted M & M for Marissa and me (Megan)—will inspire me to read more. Despite having read many books and written numerous reviews, I still often find myself guilty of making the “I don’t have enough time” excuse when it comes to reading. Through the reviews that I’ll be posting on this blog, I hope that each of them will serve as a reminder to me for why I read.

M&M’s Library – Atonement by Ian McEwan