I always knew Pentatonix was going to do well.

In 2011, the group of five won the acapella TV competition Sing Off on the NBC network, and since then, the group has experienced a lot of success with the release of their second EP (extended play) PTX vol. 2. A few weeks, the group released a video on YouTube of their mash-up of several Daft Punk songs, which has received over 19 million views, and just yesterday, the group released a video of their rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” which received over 500,000 views within a day of its release. Having watched a lot of music competitions, I have learned that one has to be amazingly good to actually succeed beyond the show. There’s really only a few people who have really succeeded after winning their tv competitions: Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. I guess Philip Philips could be added to the list, but even then, the list isn’t that long, but with all the current buzz about them, Pentatonix can definitely be added to the list of successful music competition winners.

[one_third]Not only are they successful, but they are bring acapella into the spotlight.[/one_third]

[two_third_last]Not only are they successful, but they are bring acapella into the spotlight. Never would anyone think a purely acapella group would become famous. Shortly after they won, the movie Pitch Perfect, which is about a college acapella group competing nationally, came out and became pretty well-known. I just think acapella beats EDM (electric dance music) any day. EDM is very generic. The same exact tricks, transformations, and whatnot repeated rapidly over and over again to make the song sound better (arguably) and easier to dance to, and all of which are created using a computer. The best part about that is that Pentatonix is mixing the components of an EDM into their acapella arrangements, and it is all done with their voices and their voices alone. What they are doing to music is pretty revolutionizing. It’s great and different. I seriously wish everyone would start listening to Pentatonix.[/two_third_last]