With the new school year in full swing, class councils have high hopes for what’s to come. Here is what each grade’s class council has in store:


As the new kids on the high school block, the freshman class council is focusing on helping their class become closer as a grade. They are striving to get everyone involved in Spirit Week, and have a few exciting ideas for class socials in the near future.


Meanwhile, the sophomore class council is working on planning one social per quarter and making each one better than the last. The theme they have chosen for their socials is “Heroes vs. Villains”, as a way “to show the little bit of evil that is in everyone and the good that it takes to overcome it.” Their first social—featuring a capture the flag game and pizza party—is scheduled on September 18. Their main goal for this year is to do better than fourth place for Spirit Week.


Junior year is known to be the most stressful of the four years of high school. To add a bit of fun to their year, the junior class council is working on small games and competitions between homerooms. Their main plans, however, are for upcoming socials and the most anticipated event of the year, Spirit Week. The council’s main goals are to bring the grade together as a family and make the year the most memorable one. With everything this year has in store, in and out of the classroom, the class council is excited and prepared for any challenges that may come their way.


In their last year of high school, the senior class council wants to put in 110% in everything they do. Over summer break, the council met to “talk story” and get to know one another. Their goal this year is to break the status quo and make the year memorable. Their plans consist of one social every quarter and more “drink days”—days when seniors can order drinks from Jamba Juice, Starbucks, etc. and have them delivered to school. They also hope to organize breakfast with underclassmen.