After school on Friday, September 18, 2015, the sophomore student council held their first class social of the year.

The social was themed “Heroes vs. Villains”, and the sophomores enjoyed pizza and live music before the main event began.

Called “Infinity Games,” the main event pitted sophomores against each other in a capture-the-flag game. There were five teams: black (Batman), blue (Superman), yellow (Ironman), green (Hulk), and red (Spider-Man). One person on each team was chosen to be the Infinity Stone. The rest of the members of the team were minions who had to protect the Infinity Stone from losing his or her life flags. Each minion was given two flags representing two lives. Losing a flag to the other team meant losing a life. When both flags have been lost, the minions have to report to the designated “graveyard.” If the Infinity Stone lost all of his or her lives then the whole team would be out. The sophomore student council took on the role of villains. While the villains were allowed to steal flags, there was no way for heroes and minions to oust the villains.

The sophomore class council kept the game-play a secret until the social itself, which made preparations a little challenging. Joshua Fujita said, “While we were planning the social, we had to get our costumes early and make a video. It was pretty hard [for all of us] to get to the recording room without being seen by anyone, but it turned out great.”

Class President Megan Yamauchi said, “Planning the social was really stressful since I was running around so much trying to get everything ready. In the end it was all worth it, seeing everyone having fun and enjoying themselves.”


“My expectation was that everything was going to scare me and I was so right.”

Sophomore Stella Wu


One of the chaperones, Japanese teacher Elena Yoo, expressed how impressed she was during the social.  “[The] game itself was pretty intense and good fun. I think [the] class council members planned so well and prepared for the game well in advance. During the game, each group was so competitive, and yet, very protective of each other, which was nice to see,” Yoo said.

During the game, some sophomores took advantage of dark cramped places in order to hide their Infinity Stone to ensure a victory. “[The most memorable thing that happened was probably] when Ku’ulei [and I] were hiding under the D building stairs and literally three times people ran past and didn’t see us hiding in the corner,” said Natalie Kwon.

Many sophomores thought that this social exceeded their expectations and brought the class closer. Stella Wu said, “My expectation was that everything was going to scare me and I was so right. From the villains to the opposing teams, everything was very chilling in an entertaining way.” Zachary Fujita said, “I enjoyed this year’s social thoroughly. Not only did it accomplish its main goal of bringing the class closer together, it was beautifully planned and executed. Even though the team I was on didn’t win, we all had a great time and definitely grew closer together. ” Jett Uehara agreed, saying that “it was amazing!”

Preston Iha summed up what made the social a successful event, saying, “When you’re a little kid, all you want to do is run around and have fun. That part of us never leaves and I think the social brought out the little kid in all of us. I really look forward to having another social as this past one was just so great.”

Photographs by April Laxamana (’18) and Travis Lau (’18).