The sophomores emerged as overall winners, taking the Mana Cup in their first Spirit Week win. The seniors and juniors took second and third place, respectively.

On Friday, the last day of Spirit Week, students arrived at school dressed in HBA colors—black, gold, and white. Participation for this dress up day resulted in a four-way tie for 100% between the seniors, juniors, sophomores, and eighth grade. At lunch, students took advantage of the extended deadline and donated money to ZOE International.

During the assembly, the seniors surprised everyone with their lively entrance as they danced the Harlem Shake on stage. Mascots then led their grades in cheers, competing to get their class to be the loudest. During the assembly, grades competed in the Platform Jam, where the goal was to fit the most people on a small elevated platform. At the end of one minute, students had to have at least one foot on the platform and remain there for thirty seconds. The second and final Spirit Week activity was the All School Cheer. Each grade performed the same cheer which was judged by the cheerleaders. HBA’s cheerleaders also performed a routine that they would repeat at the Homecoming Game that night.

During the Homecoming games, the girls varsity basketball team won against La Pietra with a score of 37 to 9. HBA’s varsity boys team played against Damien in a close game, but came out on top with a final score of 51 to 48.