For the first full week of the third quarter HBA students competed in the annual Spirit Week.

As students from middle to high school joined together to promote school spirit, each grade set out to best the others’ performance for the grand prize: the Mana Cup.


To start off the week, senior class mascots Nui Sabas (in green) and DJ Sur (in black jacket) rally the senior class to show their spirit. Photograph by Ryan Su (’17).

Putting in the extra time to think of cheers, practice them with my partner Nui Sabas, and finally helping to lead the grade during meetings, despite how little bit of time we had was stressful for sure. However, senior year mascoting was honestly one of the most fun things I think I've ever done at HBA.

DJ Sur


Representing his class, senior Christopher Kwan shows off his toddler costume and prop for “Toddler Tuesday. Photograph by Ryan Su (’17).

My favorite theme for Spirit Week was Toddler Tuesday because not only could I show off my Paddington t-shirt but I could also put my old car seat to good use. Being able to represent my class was definitely a highlight for my Spirit Week experience.

Christopher Kwan


For the “Minute to Win It” challenge, senior Noelle Nakamura raced against the clock to balance candies on the end of straws stuck into a potato. Photograph by Ryan Su (’17).

It was really fun being able to participate in something like that, especially with the whole grade by my side, cheering me on. I felt excited and maybe a little nervous because I didn't want to let them down.

Noelle Nakamura


Senior mascots Nui Sabas (in black coat) and DJ Sur (with banner) lead their classmates in their “Senior Storm” entrance into the gym. Photograph by Ryan Su (’17).

It was sad knowing that today was the last day, but it was also satisfying knowing that we gave it our all, no matter the result.

Nui Sabas

To motivate the class for the final event, the Platform Jam, senior wind ensemble members Sean Suetsugu, Brody Uehara, Joshua Ito, Jared Miyasato, Kellen Takatsuka, Dylan Tsuruda, and Samuel Hixon brought their instruments to make some noise. Photograph by Ryan Su (’17).

I had fun playing with my classmates from band; I guess nothing beats making a lot of random noise with similar minded people.

Dylan Tsuruda
Victorious after five spirit-filled days, the seniors pose for a class picture with the Mana Cup on Homecoming night. Photo by Joel Lau (’18).

Seeing the class of 2017 start off as a somewhat hopeless grade with no spirit or togetherness work to become Spirit Week champions was really cool! Honestly, they did it all and I was just along for the ride.

DJ Sur