Summer is often a time for change.

Many teenage girls see summer as an opportunity to alter or experiment with new things since school is out. The most popular hair trend I’ve been seeing this summer is ombréing—or dip dyeing hair. This gives the appearance that top half of your hair is a different color than the bottom half. I’ve seen colors ranging from light brown to more eccentric hues.

[one_third]The most popular hair trend I’ve been seeing this summer is ombréing—or dip dyeing hair.[/one_third]

Ombréing seems easy to do with only a little prep and clean up time required, but I think the reason why dip dyeing is so popular is because of how easy it is to get rid of it. Is school starting in less than a week? Don’t worry, you can dye the ends of your hair neon pink and chop off the three inches of pink hair the day before school starts. No problem.

One question that keeps popping in my head as I see girls with two toned hair is: “How do they keep their hair so healthy?” As a teenager who constantly experiments with my hair in my free time, I know for a fact that bleaching and dip dyeing your hair is the worst thing you can do for it. After Googling some reviews and tutorials on how to properly achieve the ombre look, I’ve learned that 90% of the time, young girls are not happy with the results of their hair. Yes, they say the physical appearance is lovely, but the cost of having beautiful two toned hair is having your hair feel the same as dehydrated hay that scratches your neck like an itchy wool sweater filled with needles.

With that in mind, I’ve decided against ombréing since my hair is already fried from coloring it too often in the past. I’ll just have to wait until I have six inches that I want to cut off.