Teaching definitely has its favorable moments but teachers have no shortage of personal pet peeves when it comes to their daily interactions with students.

Some HBA high school teachers were asked to share what specifically irked them during the school day. Here’s what they had to say:



1. When students ask, “Did I miss anything?” (Of course!), or “Did I miss anything important?” (DUH!)
It’s great to check in with your teacher but mind your wording!

2. When a production crew says, “We are almost done with our movie; all we need to do is film.”

3. When I’m clearly on the phone and a student walks in and starts talking to me.

4. When I give my students directions at least twice (sometimes three times after asking them to look me in the eye while I give it one more time), I still have kids ask me, “What do I do now?” Argh!


[one_third_last]Bored student blowing a bubble gum bubble in class[/one_third_last] [one_third]Teenage woman holds head in anger or frustration[/one_third] [two_third_last]

5. The use of the word “like” outside of a simile or a description of affection.

6. The expression “mines” used in the possessive sense. For example:  “Who’s paper is this?” “Oh, that’s mines, Mister.”

7. When you ask a question and everyone just stares at you because they are too timid or out of it to even try to answer.

8. Students talking while I am talking. Argh!

9. When students are trying to look at other students’ quizzes and tests. Look, I can see that you are trying to cheat so that’s why I’m staring at you. I try to make it clear that I think you are trying to cheat by making you feel awkward.”


10. Asking questions like “What date is it?” when it has been written correctly on the front board for years.

11. Not being ready when the bell rings.

12. Looking for a pencil 5 minutes after class has started.

13. When students give poor excuses. It makes the teacher less likely to cut them any slack. Example: “I was talking because he was talking to me.”


14. Being out of dress code and complaining that the teacher caught you. (I didn’t dress you this morning! You made that decision).

15. Students who constantly ask you when the period ends.

16. The following phrases/words/sounds: ‘or something’, ‘n’ stuff’, ‘That’s awkward’, ‘um,’ ‘Huh?'”

17. “Can I go to the bathroom?” (Can you? or ‘May I’? ) Can you regulate your body and go during break or lunch so you don’t have to excuse yourself every day from my class? Lord knows,  the teacher has to stay and hold it!”


[one_third_last]School girl raising her hand in class[/one_third_last]


18. When students ‘use’ the bathroom for 10 or 15 minutes.  They think teachers are dumb and that we don’t know that they are walking around, and when we question them they get defensive and lie.  So annoying!! Stop lying! We know what you are doing!!

19. Emails that read like a text message.

20. Emails with no subject.

21. When students tap or bang on my windows and then leave hand print smears.

22. When students come in the day before a test saying they don’t get anything we learned and ask me to teach them an entire three week lesson in two hours. If it took two hours to teach, then I would have taught it in two hours.

23. Couples who insist on being inappropriately affectionate with each other in school, forcing everyone around them to have to watch watch is going on.



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