Welcome to Eagle Eye’s Ask Anything column!

The goal of these entries are to get questions from you, HBA students, answered in a place where it can be shared with others who may have similar questions. Looking for advice on study habits? Dating? Are you having an existential crisis? Submit a question to our question boxes located in the library and cafeteria to see them answered here!

Question: How can I avoid stressing out while working on college applications?

Answer: Pace yourself, but just try to do everything as early as possible so that you’re not scrambling last minute only to find out that the Common App website was down.

Question: Why does Mock Trial start in the middle of October when we don’t even have a case?

Answer: Mock Trial is a very mentally intensive activity. Plenty of time and practice is the only way to ensure that each member gets the full, immersive understanding of what Mock Trial is about.

Question: How do I get accepted to an Ivy?

Answer: Ask Mr. Hu. He’s been to Harvard, University of Chicago, and taught at Tufts.

Question: I really want to watch “Stranger Things”, but I don’t want to watch all of season two in one day. How should I go about watching the show responsibly?

Answer: Just watch it in one day. That’s the only way to do it. Or else you’ll be that one person screaming at people to stop giving spoilers.

Question: How do I turn an F into an A by the end of the quarter?

Answer: To anyone who has accomplished this feat, I wholeheartedly applaud you. To those who find themselves in this situation, ask yourself these questions:
1) Is it possible to turn in all your missing work by the end of the quarter (assuming you have missing work)?
2) Has your teacher given any opportunities for extra credit?
3) Are you willing to put in the work to complete the assignments mentioned above?
If you answered yes to these three questions, you’re in luck! Turn in those missing assignments, take advantage of that extra credit opportunity, make sure you get it all in before the quarter ends, and watch your grade go up up up! (If by the end of the quarter you have no missing assignments and the extra credit doesn’t put a dent in your grade, then I’m afraid there’s not much else you can do.)

Question: Why is Calculus so difficult?

Answer: The Math room is open for tutoring. Ask your teachers what times are best for you to come in.

Question: Who am I?

Answer: You didn’t write your name with your question so I guess we’ll never find out.

Question: Why do kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Answer: Find the answer here.