On December 20 at a movie theater not too far away, HBA’s Parent Teacher Fellowship will be hosting a school movie night for the first time.

The night will showcase Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the Dole Cannery and attendees will have the luxury of having the entire theater to themselves.

As the event draws near, students who are fans of the series can’t wait to see the new movie. “Ever since The Force Awakens came out and I was extremely disappointed with it, I’ve been looking forward to the new Star Wars movie,” said senior Preston Iha, founder of the high school Star Wars club. “I’m really looking to see how Episode 8 is going to synchronize all that has happened previously, especially with the death of Han Solo and the death of Carrie Fisher.” Iha started the Star Wars club this year for students with a passion for all things Star Wars related.

On the night of the event, the Star Wars club will be organizing a costume contest. All attendees are welcome to not only dress-up but also participate in the competition. According to contest organizer and HBA Communications Officer Christina Yasutomi, “One of the goals of the Parent-Teacher Fellowship is to provide social events that bring HBA’s families, faculty and students together. We thought that adding a costume contest to the event would add another element of fun to the evening.” Winners will be chosen for four different categories: Most Original, Best Alien, Best Droid, and Best Group. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category.

Ticket sales for the event started November 1 and all 726 tickets are now sold out. Commenting on the PTF’s expectations for the night, PTF president Sheri Iida said, “We hope HBA families and faculty will meet new families and strengthen their current relationships within our HBA community.”