Christian Emphasis Week is just around the corner, and students have much to look forward to this year.

The theme this year is “Faithful” and is inspired by HBA’s 70th anniversary and the idea of being “committed through faith.” In addition to the chapels and seminars throughout the week, students are invited to gather before school (at 7:30am) in D201/202 for a time of worship and prayer led by high school students. On Wednesday, October 31, the entire school (from kindergarteners through seniors) will meet at the elementary school campus for HBA’s annual all-school fellowship and chapel.


Jeff Mullis with his wife Mary and his one year old son Andrew.

Jeff Mullis grew up in Kaneohe and attended Lutheran High School. After high school, Mullis moved to Colorado and studied Finance at the University of Colorado at Boulder. While he lived in Colorado, he sensed God’s calling to serve Him through youth ministry. He has spent eleven years serving God and has a Masters degree in Theological Studies from Liberty University. Mullis is now the youth pastor of Olivet Baptist Church located in Honolulu. He’s been married to his wife Mary for three years and have a one year old son, Andrew.

WORSHIP LEADERS – Chevas Wong & Susie Kumah

CEW 2018 worship leaders Chevas Wong (left) and Susie Kumah.

Chevas Wong and Susie Kumah are worship leaders at Holy Trinity Church in McLean, VA.

Chevas was born and raised in Hawaii, and his wife Kelli is a daughter of HBA (class of 2010). They moved from Honolulu to Virginia four years ago to serve God’s church in the D.C. metro area. Together they have a son named Beckett and are expecting another baby boy in January.

Fun Fact about Chevas according to Susie: “Chevas claims to be from Hawaii. However, he cannot swim!”

Susie was born in Washington D.C. and grew up between the U.S., Ghana, Djibouti, and the United Kingdom. She moved back to Virginia in 2014 and is the newly appointed Alpha Coordinator at Holy Trinity Church, supporting HTC and other partnering churches running Alpha in and around Washington, D.C.

Fun Fact about Susie according to Chevas: “Susie claims to have grown up in D.C., Africa, and England. However, she knows how to swim.”


“Faithfulness in Vulnerability” by MARTIN “KA‘I‘INI” ARANAYDO

Aranaydo was born and raised in Nānākuli, Oʻahu and is the Youth Pastor at Hamama Community Church. He’s the only follower of Jesus Christ in his family. Before he started his relationship with Jesus, he lived with a sense of worthlessness. However, as he started to get know who Jesus was, God encouraged Aranaydo to be vulnerable so that the deepest hurts in his life could be healed. God has now sent Aranaydo all over the world and has given him the opportunity to be His vessel in a community that is yearning for His grace.

“What is True Faith?” by NELSON CHAPMAN

Nelson spent 11 years as a missionary and pastor in South Korea. He is now the Senior Pastor at Central Baptist Church in Honolulu. He has been married to Michelle for 18 years, and they both delight in their children, Graham and Abby. Nelson enjoys teaching the Bible, reading, traveling, sports, and spending time with family and friends.

“Telling a Good Story” by DANI BETH CROSBY

Dani Beth is the Family & Communications Minister at University Avenue Baptist Church. She enjoys finding excuses to celebrate, being swallowed by a good story, and finding connection points between diverse people/things/ideas. She is passionate about serving the local church, empowering creativity, and sharing God’s Story.


Amel is the Associate Pastor at Hawaii Kai Church. Originally a native of California, he counts it a joy to be ministering here in Hawaii. He made the move in 2009 to help plant Island Grace Church in Central Oahu.

“Ministry Quilts” by MAURINE KING

Maurine taught at HBA for 52 years and mostly covered history subjects. Now she volunteers with HBA’s Mock Trial and It’s Academic, and writes for HBA’s Soaring Eagle publication.

“Faithful to Your Future Spouse” by ANTHONY KING

Anthony King is the pastor of Huikala Baptist Church. He and his wife, Angela, planted Huikala Baptist Church in Honolulu, Hawaii in the fall of 2013 and have witnessed God do amazing things. The Kings have four children, Thatcher, Vanderlei, Michellie and Tallulah. Anthony is also a United States Navy veteran.

“Faithful with Your Influence” by JASON KOIDE

Jason has served with InterVarsity working with college students since 2009. Currently, also works as a high school youth pastor at Bluewater Mission in Honolulu. He loves to live a life of faith with Jesus and to develop leaders who bless and impact their communities.

“Faithful Marriages: What Does It Mean To “Live Happily Ever After”
“Faithful to God’s Word: Making Sure We Handle God’s Word Correctly”
“Increasing Your Faith: Tackling Life’s Biggest Challenges” by JAMES KWONG

James is the Student Services Coordinator at Kaimuki Christian School. He is married to Aya and they have two daughters, Aleya (9 years) and Aleni (4 years). He is a pastor, math teacher and volleyball coach, and calls himself an “eclectic gamer.”

“This Land is Your Land: the National Park” by TERENCE LI

Terence (’02) was formerly a math teacher at HBA for over five years. His love of hiking and the outdoors has taken him to 19 parks in 11 states.

“This Might Sting A Little” by PAT MCFALL

Pat is the Campus Pastor at New Hope Hawaii Kai. He was in youth ministry for 15 years before he stepped into a senior leadership role at his current church. He still loves connecting the heart of Jesus to youth. Pat has been married for 11 years, has three kids and is excited about what God is doing among the next generation.

“Worshipping the Right God Rightly” by JACOB PIERCE

Jacob is a worship leader, songwriter, and the Worship Director at Grace Fellowship Hawaii. He graduated from Liberty University with a degree in worship leadership, and has led worship in many different setting around Hawaii, the mainland and abroad. His heart is to see others worship God in spirit and in truth with their whole lives.

“Becoming a Faithful Person” by JON RAWLINGS

Jon has been a teacher and administrator at a college and a seminary. He’s also been an associate pastor and a senior pastor, and has helped with church planting. For the last few years, he’s focused his time on pottery and photography.

“From Trust to Blessing”
“Finish the Course: Discerning God’s Will” by MICHAEL SILVA

Michael was a former pastor at Palisades Baptist and at Calvary Church of the Pacific. He is married to HBA middle school math teacher Lynn Silva. They have three sons, Michael (23), Anthony (21), and Len (15), who is a sophomore at HBA. He is a licensed Mechanical and Civil Engineer.

“Instruments in Worship” by MARK TEVES

Mark works with Aloha Chapel Ministries and loves to share Christ’s love, especially in Waikiki. He describes his life story this way: “Was wild, got saved, was called, got schooling, was led, got busy.”

SOME HIGHLIGHTS for HBA Teacher-led Seminars

“Mistakes were made, but not by Me” by FAYE TAKUSHI

This seminar will explore the difficulty people have in apologizing and even acknowledging when they’re wrong. Students can look forward to learning how to be more honest with themselves and perhaps even to have some cathartic moments of self-confession.

“What to do with a Drunk Roommate?” by MICHAEL HU

Mr. Hu will talk about the realities of modern college life. He was a resident head for eight years at Harvard and Tufts. Students should look forward to a frank discussion about the realities of college.

“Coloring the Spirit” by LAUREN TAKAO

This seminar will help students to practice God’s commandment to “rest.” People are so busy and constantly doing many things that they rarely have time to step back and reflect on God’s goodness. Students can look forward to exercising their creativity and finding a chance to unwind from the busyness of daily life. Takao’s prayer is that attendees can find peace and feel the Holy Spirit’s calm presence through coloring and drawing,

“Eat Your Rainbow . . . Faithfully” by ELENA YOO and WING TAKETA

Elena Yoo and Wing Taketa will show students how God has been faithful in creating amazing food for everyone. Before students move on to college, Yoo and Taketa want to teach students how to take care of their bodies with what God has blessed them with.


Bell Schedule for CEW (October 29-Nov 2)

Seminar schedule and locations

Students who need copies of their seminar assignments or want to request changes should contact Mr. Sean Aoyagi at