Senioritis: it’s the nationwide epidemic that plagues high school seniors every year.

It’s no secret that many soon-to-be high school graduates study diligently to get the best grades possible, only to have their work ethic plummet once they are accepted into colleges.

As a graduating senior, my symptoms began in junior year, far before I even knew what colleges I wanted to apply to. It was all seemingly harmless: a skipped assignment here and there with a few accidental tardies. Somewhere between this time and receiving my first college acceptance letter, my Senioritis snowballed into full blown irresponsibility. I started out my freshman year like any other kid excited for school and fresh faced, with a backpack bursting with new flowery school supplies. By senior year, my school supply “shopping” was reduced to stealing notebooks from my mom’s stash and using leftover folder paper from the year before. I’m not going to lie, procrastination is my specialty, but Senioritis took it to levels I never knew existed. These days, Netflix and Reddit have been transferred to the top of my priority list. My homework, on the other hand, is half heartedly completed the following morning during my Independence period. Gone is the motivation to do well on tests and quizzes. I now find myself thinking, “Whatever. I’m graduating anyway.” While I completely understand that it is possible for colleges to rescind my acceptances, that doesn’t stop me from slacking off on my school work. Yet, I question how far is too far at the back of my mind. At this point I am hanging by a thread for dear life.

With graduation less than a month away and no cure in sight, I have gladly accepted my fate and end each school day with a Futurama marathon. I may not graduate with the best grades, but at least I’ll die happy watching my favorite TV shows.