HBA’s Supplemental Programs is offering a variety of after school classes this winter.

Dance Island is hosting a contemporary movement and dance after school workshop in January at the high school campus. Interested students can try out the classes for free on December 14 and December 19. The classes will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 P.M. to 4:45 P.M. To register, students and parents should contact Laura Kunimura at 228-3747, or email danceisle@aol.com. The course costs $120 a month.

Students interested in programming can sign up for after school classes by DevLeague. The classes are for sixth to ninth graders. The Web Development 1 course is currently running and will end this month. Students in this class are learning BASH, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Students who complete the level 1 course can sign up for Web Development 2, which starts this January and runs through March 2. The class will be held at the middle school technology lab and will take students further into JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Students will also use JavaScript to develop interactive web applications. The class fee is $480 per student and the link to register is http://bit.ly/jrdlwebdev2. To find out more about the course, students and parents can contact DevLeague at junior@devleague.com or 808-738-6406.

The Supplemental Program is also offering winter holiday programs for grades K-6. The HBA website has more details on this.