Student Council assigns Spirit Week dress-up days with a creative game.

As usual, the student council started off the all-school homeroom with a game. Each grade had to select two representatives: “an intelligent boy” and “an athletic girl”. The players had to place Christmas presents into their own hula hoop while trying to place other non-Christmas items into the other grades’ hula hoops. The more Christmas items a grade had in their hula hoop, the more points the grade scored. Non-Christmas items in their hoops carried negative points. In the end, the junior class won by one point over the senior class. At the end of the game, each grade opened one of the Christmas presents in their hula hoop. The present contained the assigned era for the grade for the Spirit Week dress-up day.

Era Day Assignments

  • Freshmen: The Great Depression
  • Sophomores: The Future
  • Juniors: Egypt
  • Seniors: Pirates

The NHS announced that ZOE International will be the recipient of this year’s Spirit Week fundraiser.