This Monday was the start of Spirit Week 2020, featuring the theme “Scrambled Cinema.”

For this first day of this annual event, students came to school dressed up as their dream occupation to mark “Future Day.” From soldiers to a golf instructor to future dad to twins, students’ costumes showcase a wide range of aspirations and humorous possibilities.

During the assembly, classes competed in Tug-O-War. Each grade level competed twice, with girls and boys battling their counterparts in another grade in separate rounds. Eighth graders, sophomores, and seniors swept the competition in quick wins, dominating the seventh graders, freshmen and juniors, respectively. Each class and their mascots also showed off their cheers and routines for the first time.

Day 1 Standings (Future Day Dress Up + Tug of War):
1st Place: Seniors (20 pts)
2nd Place: Sophomores (14 pts)
3rd Place: Eighth Grade (12 pts) 
4th Place: Juniors (8 pts) 
5th: Freshman (6 pts) 
6th: Seventh Grade (1 pt)

Photographs by Jarin Ashimine (’20) and Brent Low (’20).

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