Don’t want to laze around all day? Use this list to make every day of Fall Break a memorable one.

Monday, October 2
Wake up late. You deserve it.


Tuesday, October 3
Catch up on a TV series you’ve always wanted to watch.

Wednesday, October 4
Hump day! Go for a hike with friends. Find some good hikes here.

Thursday, October 5
Cook dinner for for your family. Here are small scrumptious recipes to try.

Friday, October 6
Buy something for yourself. Whether it’s ice cream, a new shirt, or a snack, that you’ve always wanted.

Saturday, October 7
Buy local! Go to the farmer’s market and find the various locations here.

Sunday, October 8
Get together with friends and enjoy some hot pot.

Monday, October 9
It’s been a fun weekend. Seniors, work on college applications and FAFSA. Everyone else, pray for us (we need it).

Tuesday, October 10
Go to the North Shore and eat some garlic shrimp! No one goes on weekdays.

Wednesday, October 11
Learn something new. Read a book or watch an interesting TedTalk.

Thursday, October 12
Halloween is coming up! Go on Pinterest and find some good costume ideas.

Friday, October 13
Watch a movie! Watch IT (R) , Kingsman (R), or Ninjago (PG) if you’re scared.

Saturday, October 14
Last two days of break! Meet up with your friends and try to escape a Breakout Waikiki room to end the break strong.

Sunday, October 15
Sleep early and get ready for second quarter! Seniors, your parting words are due tomorrow!