Below is a selection of fan mail from English students to the actors in HBA’s recent drama class production of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Check back for more as fan mail comes in. 

Dear Vivian,

You were born for the spotlight. Although you had a rather small role, you totally crushed it. Every time you spoke I was just so intrigued. You were definitely the star of the show. I have seen the movie It’s a Wonderful Life and I feel that you took the role of George’s Mom to a whole new level.

My favorite scene of you was when George wished he was never born and then he went to see you. Man, your emotions were just so powerful. I felt every second of that even from the last row. When Jon went to you and he kept questioning you, your reaction was so real. When you snapped at him it really made me jump because it was so believable. I honestly felt like you were talking to me and I just deeply offended you. You really gave me not just a taste, but the whole meal of what was going on in that situation.

It was really awesome because you brought intensity and humor to the play. Just like in the scene where you told Jon to go talk to Carly. You were super encouraging and sassy, just like a real mom would be. I got that cool mom vibe from you. When you were encouraging Jon to go talk to Carly and you said how Carly lights up around him and not around Sam Wainwright, I thought it was so hilarious and believable all at once.

I hope that you continue acting because, girl you were most definitely born for it. I am looking forward to seeing you on the big screen. Good Luck !!!

Amanda Lac (your Hao Peng You)
Maclain Oishi,

I’d like to start off by saying that I enjoyed your performance and thought that your entire drama class delivered the moral of It’s a Wonderful Life clearly. I definitely left your Saturday night performance with a new favorite story! I enjoyed your character Ernie because he was both a friend to George Bailey, the main character, and a comic relief to the play. Although I enjoyed the serious parts of the play, the humorous scenes brought the whole play together. You acted your part like a pro and made me laugh; you did a great job!

I commend you and your class because although you guys acted effortlessly, I’m sure it took a lot of hard work and preparation. When I saw your entire class at the end, I realized how many people were involved in this production. I thought the play you performed was appropriate because it’s a touching story that has the holiday spirit. I’m glad I came to watch the play because it fit the Christmas season we’re in now. It was a fun night with my friends watching my friends like you perform! I hope you’re in drama class next semester because then I’ll definitely go to see the next school play!

What I especially liked about your performance was that you never broke character. I’d imagine it would be difficult to play a character, but you made it look easy. Your pace and pronunciation were perfect! Although you didn’t necessarily have the biggest role, you still brought a lot to the performance. I’d just like to add that the scene you acted drunk in was hilarious; our entire row was laughing!
To put it simply, good job! I hope you continue to do drama because you have top-notch acting skills! Tell me when you have another performance.

Your SOL bud, Dylan Loo


Dear Jon,

Congratulations on getting the lead, George Bailey! As a veteran actor, there was probably great expectation for you since this is your senior, and I have to say you never dissapoint. From being in SOL to president of NHS, I’m amazed by the commitment and heart you put into drama. It is so evident that you love what you do, because you perform which so much passion every time you walk on stage.

George Bailey is like you in many ways (well not the suicide part, please don’t do that). Like you, he is a very kind man, who has a heart for others. Both of you are very selfless and love to take care of the people around you. If you were not a nice guy and I had to watch you play this character, I don’t know if I would take you seriously, because I have seen you first as person. But thankfully that is not the case!

Like George, your impact on others in just a small place like HBA has been such a blessing, and I hope you know what a ray of sunshine you have been not only in my life but so many others as well. I was immediately drawn to George’s admirable strength but also his relatable vulnerability. He was not a superhero or ideal perfect man, but he also had a breaking point. As I watched Clarence reiterate all the good George did in his life, I completely forgot the suicidal man I saw when the play began, but as a series of unfortunate events went by I soon realized how he became so depressed and angry at God. My favorite scene was when Clarence showed you how the town would be without your character, and you realized how much you wanted it back. It brought a few tears to my eyes (as well as your mom who was sitting next to me), because I believed every word. Your emotion was raw and engaging, showing your hard work and great skill.

You have a real talent, Jon! Whoever you play, once you are on stage I believe you 110%. I hope you will continue to theater/drama in the near future: college, next semester etc. Bravo Jon!!!

Love, Anne
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Dear Micah Pascual,

I really enjoyed your part as an angel named Clarence Odbody! I thought it was a great opportunity for you to come down to earth to save George to finally try to earn your wings. With George being suicidal and sad, I’m glad that the prayers for him got up to heaven!

I think one of my favorite parts of the play was when George and Mary were on their way to their honeymoon. They saw what happened at the bank and even used the $2,000 they held for their honeymoon to help the people that were at the bank. I liked the part when Potter turns down George when he asked for a loan and George was suicidal and wanted to kill himself, and when he was standing on the bridge, you came out and jumped into the water! I didn’t think that it would work when you pretended like you were drowning so George can save you, but it did!

I think it was right of you to make George’s wish about not being born come true because I think that experience humbled him and made him realize how important it is for him to be alive. Without George, his brother Harry would have died! I’m glad that George realized that he has a “wonderful life” just in time for Christmas so he can enjoy it with his family. It was great that when George came back from his experience of not being born, people were waiting in line to give him donations! I was really happy for you at the end when you finally got your wings! Though it was hard, you were a great guardian angel for George.

Did you hear about the play “It’s a Wonderful Life” before you knew you were going to be performing it? I think the choice of the play was a great choice, especially because Christmas is around the corner and it also makes people realize that life is worth living!

From Lauren Chin
Dear Carly,

I’m Amelia McKenzie and I’m a junior.  I am writing this letter to praise you for your performance in HBA’s It’s a Wonderful Life!  You’re acting was amazing.  There was a lot of emotion behind it and was very natural.  I had to remind myself that these actors are all HBA students.  How were you able to memorize all of your lines?  I can barely memorize a short dialogue for English class!  I enjoyed your character a lot.  Mary has a lot energy, and she is filled with determination and love.  She doesn’t give up on George throughout the entire play.  I admire her strength.

My favorite part was when Mary gives up their honeymoon money to rescue George’s business.  It shows what a caring character she is.  Your acting made us laugh and want to cry.  I felt like not just anybody can act as Mary, but you depicted her perfectly.  This scene was also sad, because Mary gives up her honeymoon and George gives up a chance to travel.  They also save the business which is obviously a good thing.

Thanks to the play, I now want to watch the original movie It’s a Wonderful Life.  I was really impressed with all the actors.  It seemed like you and your cast mates had a fun time on and off the set.  Everyone had great chemistry and acted really well together.  All of the actors were really good and no one seemed to be lacking.  The play was very entertaining.  It had both drama and humor.  It never got too depressing because of the great cast that pulled off the comedy side of the story well.  I admire everyone’s hard work and dedication into making the play a success!

Sincerely, Amelia McKenzie
Dear Nick Ordenstein,

For a guy in a wheelchair with white hair, you looked pretty good. Considering how nice you are in real life, you portrayed the cruel capitalist Mr. Potter very naturally. You projected your voice very well for an old man. I booed you during the play, it wasn’t sucked or were a bad actor. I booed because I got into the story and didn’t like how you were manipulating people. I almost hated you. If I couldn’t see through the spray paint, all I would see is the heartless reason why many people hate big business. That’s all a testament to how well you played your role as the villain. You said, “I hate people, but they hate me so it’s all even” with unnerving ease. If I didn’t know you any better I would’ve thought that’s how you really thought. I really enjoyed the parts when you started yelling and cutting off your subordinates because that’s what I imagine when I think of an evil businessman. Your character and acting also taught me something about myself. I often call myself or try to be heartless because the harsh news around the world and tough choices of politics are easier to think about if I don’t feel anything. However, after screaming “No!” on the inside when you stole the money and fearing for George Bailey’s safety when you said you were going to have him arrested, I realized that deep down I still feel emotions. Thank you for making me realize that I don’t want to become a heartless businessman without friends one day because I’d eventually hate myself.

Sincerely,  Anonymous

P.S. What would Mr. Potter do with the $8,000 he stole from Uncle Billy?



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