Spirit Week 2014 kicked off this past Monday with its first dress up theme: Work-Out Day Students worked hard to create their most sporty costumes—luckily, without breaking a sweat.

You can be featured in an upcoming Featured Costumes post too! Just come in your best attire and maybe you’ll be spotted!


[two_third_last]Junior Rika Shinsato rocked the athletic shorts and leggings look along with an old class shirt and her trusty Air Riflery team jacket.[/two_third_last]


[two_third_last]Freshman Alyssa Futa added a pop of color to her outfit with a bright pink work out shirt and played it simple with some comfortable yet athletic-looking shorts.[/two_third_last]
[two_third_last]Junior Jasha Onogi went all out with his work out attire as he made sure to don HBA’s colors. Here he’s sporting a pair of platinum gold shorts with a matching gold and white athletic jacket and of course, a matching sweatband.[/two_third_last]

Students were able to go about their daily school routine while tuning into their fitness side—or at least, the fashion sense of it. Costumes ranged from general sports practice attire to extreme pop yoga creations that seemed to jump straight out of a 70’s home work-out video.

Upcoming dress up day (Tuesday January 7): Era Day