Come January 9, Spirit Week will return to its traditional form, complete with combined middle and high school assemblies, and live Pepper Squad performances.

The last “normal” Spirit Week took place in January 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic put large group gatherings on hiatus. This year, the theme is “Before They Were Famous”, featuring fast food chain mascots. While most aspects of the week will be familiar to older students, there will be a handful of changes to the competition, including table surfing to replace Platform Jam, and five common cheers that all grades will have to learn for the All-School Cheer competition.

The dress-up days are as follows:
Monday: Adam Sandler Day
Tuesday: Rhyme Squad Day
Wednesday: White Out Day
Thursday: Pepper Squad & Class Shirt Day
Friday: Black, White & Gold Day
For details and rules on dress-up days, students should refer to the Spirit Week Dress Guide provided by the Student Council.

The assembly competitions are as follows:
Monday: Tug-of-War
Tuesday: Table Surfing
Wednesday: Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag
Thursday: Pepper Squad
Friday: All-School Cheer
All-School Cheers can be view on this document. Competition rules and scoring criteria can be found in the 2023 Spirit Week Handbook.

The week will follow a modified bell schedule.

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