Eagerly awaiting the start of the lesson, students situate themselves in the living room. The light-hearted chatter starts to die out as the group prepares to hear the teacher talk. The room falls silent as someone begins to pray, signaling the start of the study.

This is how HBA teachers Chad and Keysey Logan begin their Bible study every Saturday night at their home. Before the lesson starts, people gather in the living room of the Logans’ house and socialize during dinner. Once the study starts, Chad Logan leads the group as they dive into a bible study.

The Logans started a Bible study for high school students because of a class that Chad Logan was taking two years ago. Chad Logan was required to start a Bible study as a part of a class assignment. At the end of the project, Chad Logan decided to keep the Bible study running with the help of his wife, Keysey Logan. About 20 Hawaii Baptist Academy high school students attend their Bible study, but numbers can reach up to 40. Junior Keiko Sanders, who only started attending the study says, “It was a little weird at first because I expected it to be a little different. Everyone is really close. They’re all really accepting and really nice.”



“The Logans talk about deeper things; things that you don’t want to hear, but have to.”

Junior Makenzie Cammack


Chad Logan’s lessons have helped a lot of students learn about their faith and how to strengthen it. Junior Makenzie Cammack says, “They don’t address the usual topics of faith and love. The Logans talk about deeper things; things that you don’t want to hear, but have to.” The the theme that the Logans are currently covering is “Do Something.” Students are learning about taking action in their faith in order to do God’s work. The Logans encourage students to come to the study to grow in their faith. Chad Logan stated, “It’s open to anyone that wants to come. You don’t have to be invited. Just come.”

The group is planning on going on a mission trip this summer to Toronto, Buffalo, and Detroit. Chad Logan says that the students will be working in homeless shelters, going to Bible schools, and helping the community. Junior Patrick Delldonne states that he is “excited to go on the trip and can’t wait to find out about all of the fun things we’re going to do.”

The Logans state that their main goal is to have “students be able to be firmly grounded in their Christian faith when they go away for college so that they will be able to go through hard times.”