Bleachers shook, crowds clapped, and chanting filled the air…two years ago. Spirit Week was one of HBA’s most exciting times of the year until Covid-19 ended all-school assemblies. In the last two years, HBA’s Spirit Week has struggled to retain its excitement as it adapted to pandemic-related restrictions. This excitement was precisely what HBA’s student council hoped to revive with the Spirit Week of 2022. 

In order to abide by COVID restrictions, the student body was divided into two groups: freshman and sophomores, and juniors and seniors. Each group had one day to fill the HBA gym with life and play a series of fun Spirit Week activities. These activities included a pool-noodle relay race, a googly eye Pictionary competition, a lemonade/slushie stand, a paper airplane competition, a Gimkit trivia competition, and a water balloon toss.  To complete all of these games in a 45-minute time frame, the classes were divided into small groups, going through the series of activities by homerooms. At the end of the day, students left the campus with smiles on their faces, chatting about the memories they made throughout the day. 

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Photographs by Justin Mayeshiro (’22)