On Thursday, February 15, the class of 2020 stuffed into three buses for their annual Sophomore camp.

This year’s theme was “Love,” which focused on how God is reflected through humanity’s five love languages.  Throughout the week the sophomores enjoyed both personal testimonies from their advisors and special messages from Pastor RJ that focused on the languages of physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gift giving, and acts of service.  Students also participated in a messily exhilarating activity organized by the sophomore class council that involved a massive paint, flour, and water balloon fight.  Overall, despite occasional difficulties involving transportation, the exhausted sophomores returned from camp with a newfound appreciation for their friends, families, and God.

Photography by Kaycee Nakashima (’20), Colby Nagano (’18), Joel Lau (’18), and Jarin Ashimine (’20).