Over the summer, Hawaii Baptist Academy made changes to the Student Handbook regarding hairstyles and cell phone usage.

Concerning hairstyles, the handbook now states that boys are no longer allowed to have “undercuts styles that abruptly go from long on the top to shaven on the side” and that dyed or highlighted hair must be “consistently done and a natural hair color.” Vice principal Ryan Fronteira said, “These changes were always implied with the previous handbook.”

Junior Kayla Look is disappointed that ombre hair style—where hair is dyed in a gradient from dark to light—is now explicitly not allowed. She says, “The new policy takes away a student’s individuality.” Frontiera stated that the edits were made to clarify which hairstyles are considered neat and conservative.

Another change to the handbook includes an updated cell phone policy. Students are now allowed to use their cell phones and other electronic devices during break, lunch, and passing periods. According to Frontiera, “cell phones are tools that students could use positively.” Now students are now able to text and send emails using their phones to contact each other and their parents during school hours. Sophomore Blythe Yoshikane expresses her concern, stating, “The cell phone policy may be abused in the future.” Sophomore Joshua Fujita, however, thinks that the new policy “gives the students a lot more freedom.”

Students can find the updated handbook in Finalsite and read the handbook for more details.