Over the summer of 2015 the administration made some new additions to the high school campus facilities.

A water bottle filler was installed in the mall area, and construction of a canopy over the senior area is currently underway.

To fix the problem of rain getting in the senior pavilion, the administration made plan in December 2013 to add a canopy to the pavilion. This past summer, the foundation and structure of the canopy was completed. According to Vice President Ron Shiira, “The canopy will be finished during fall or winter break. This will give the class of 2016 at least a semester to enjoy the finished senior area.”

Many seniors are eager for the canopy to be finished. “[Right now,] it doesn’t do anything. I’m pretty disappointed that it’s not completed. It should’ve been finished before the school year started,” says senior Matt Matsuda. Classmate Blaise Takushi adds, “It doesn’t make sense, but it’s not finished so I don’t know how to feel about it yet.” Senior Caleb Fisher says, “It should’ve been done way before school started.”

Senior adviser and counselor Tara Gruspe points out that while the unfinished canopy doesn’t provide any shelter, it is “a reminder that more is coming.” She adds, “I’m thankful that the seniors are still able to use the area while waiting for the addition to be completed. It will be nice for the seniors to have more covered space. Right now it is really crowded in the senior area.”

Senior adviser Dynah Ustare also notes that the seniors have to “cram” into the area, especially when it rains. She says, “I hope they finish it as soon as they possibly can.”


“It will be nice for the seniors to have more covered space. “

Senior adviser and counselor Tara Gruspe[/one_third]

Another new feature at the high school is a water bottle filler near the beverage machines in the mall. The class of 2013 proposed the idea to the administration as their senior class gift to the school. The administration installed the water bottle filler in early July and also plan to put one in the D building.

“It’s a useful addition to our school because it shortens the line to fill up your water bottle. It also fills your water bottle all the way to the top because you don’t have to tilt it,” says Takushi. Senior Ria Shimabukuro says, “It’s great and it encourages me to drink more water.” Even teachers are using the water bottle filler. Math teacher Ross Mukai says, “I think it is great and we should get more of them around the school. Ideal places would be on the third and fourth floors of the Bessie Fleming building.”

Vice principal Ryan Frontiera is glad that students are wanting to see more water bottle fillers in school. He says, “It’s convenient and helpful. I’m glad that we’re making it easier for students to fill up their bottle and stay hydrated. I think we need to add two to three more around campus to really make things convenient and useful for our students, but it’s a great start. We’ve already purchased one more for the D building area.”

As for the senior pavilion canopy, Frontiera notes that while it’s incomplete, it is going to be a nice addition to the senior area. He says, “I’m glad we could make some improvements to our campus, and can’t wait to keep adding more!”