On May 8, the HBA Arts and Film Festival (HBAAFF) will bring the talents of Visual and Performing Arts students together for a school showcase of art and media projects, films, and demonstrations.

Art department head Sean Malinger is once again overseeing the festival to be taking place. “As festival coordinator, I organize the program, am in liaison with the art and science teachers, facilities representatives, student council members, the communications office, police and others,” Malinger said. “Working with a great team takes much of the burden off any one person.  As a Film, Photoshop, or Photography teacher I try to enable the students to tell compelling stories.”

Attendees will be able to witness numerous art galleries, science exhibits, a talent show, and live entertainment. Unlike previous years, according to Malinger, festival doors will open an hour early so visitors have plenty of time to eat and see the exhibits. New additions to the festival include an elementary school art gallery and access to a sound booth for recording sessions.

Two student films, Recall and The Deal, will also be presented at this year’s festival. Recall, directed by senior Davin Miyahara, tells the tale of a retired soldier of the 442nd Infantry Regiment (Miyahara) who relives the painful memories of his past ordeal. “My uncle inspired me to make this film,” Miyahara said. “He died in WWII while he served in the 100th Battalion and I really thought that it would be a good change of pace to remember these men’s sacrifices and what they had to go through. I hope that people take some time to remember those who sacrificed so much for our freedom and cherish the memories we’ve had with our loved ones.”

[one_third]”What makes this year (and every year) special is that there are different people telling different stories” – Sean Malinger[/one_third]

Junior Briana Smith directs The Deal, which revolves around a broke man (senior Daniel Traylor) struggling to make ends meet. Making a “deal” to get something he desperately needs, the protagonist soon learns the situation he got himself into is much more difficult than he expected. “Our cast and crew definitely would love to get our movie into the Hawaii International Film Festival or any other film festivals,” Smith said. “Most importantly though, we want our audience to enjoy the movie! Hopefully we can inspire other young creators to do what they love! #thedealshortfilm”

There will also be a short film by Greco-Roman History students along with a live gladiator demonstration hosted by history teacher Robert Weismantel. After a visit to the Colosseum in 2012, Weismantel was inspired to create his own class to teach students the way of the gladiator. “At the festival there is a large diversity of art to be displayed and enjoyed that our demonstration is simply just one of them,” he said.  “I hope that everyone watching can appreciate the hard work the students put into making the weapons/armor as well as learn more about the life of a gladiator.  Maybe it can inspire some new recruits for the class next time.”

The HBAAFF will be held on May 8 from 5-9 p.m. at the Stan Sagert campus. Tickets are available from art teachers or can be picked up in the Learning Center. Dinner and snacks will also be provided from La crepiere, Beyond Burgers, and Paul’s Poppers food trucks.

“What makes this year (and every year) special is that there are different people telling different stories,” Malinger said. “Even if some students had work in previous festivals, those students are not the same people today as they were a year ago; they have not only grown as artists or scientists, but have had new experiences that have shaped their stories and those that they tell through their work.”