As students started their first week back from Spring break, the high school student council put on a campus-wide Easter egg hunt starting this past Tuesday.

Besides candy and small treats, students have been on the look out for three golden eggs containing tickets for special prizes. On Wednesday, while hunting with his friends for a golden egg, a freshman, who has asked to remain anonymous, found the answer key to all the fourth quarter Pre-calculus tests.

Describing how he found the answer key, he said, “I was searching down by the stream.. yeah I know I’m not supposed to be down there without a teacher but I figured, you know, maybe the student council decided to think outside the basket this year. Anyway, I stuck my hand in the water for what I thought might be some kind of egg but I pulled out a flash drive instead.”


“Will the finder do the right thing and turn in the answer key or will he simply be an accomplice to cheating?”

Bible Teacher Tony Traughber


While the student didn’t think the flash drive was still operable, his friends decided to dry it off and see what was on it. “You know, at first I was like, this thing is fried, but once we plugged it in all these tests with answers were on it. I didn’t understand what they were for until I realized it was for Pre-calculus tests,” he said.

Although the unexpected find isn’t worth much to him, the freshman plans on selling it to whoever offers the highest bid. Bible teacher and student council adviser Tony Traughber commented that “although this would seem like a lucky find perhaps in part due to the Easter egg hunt the student council put on, it really is a test. Will the finder do the right thing and turn in the answer key or will he simply be an accomplice to cheating, which will in turn force the Math teachers to change all the tests?”

When asked for their response, Math teachers have declined to comment saying that the matter is still being investigated by Department Chair Ross Mukai and the school administration. The Eagle Eye has obtained a sample page of the answer key. While the answers have been blurred out, you can view the document here.