After a week of intense competition, the Class of 2019 emerged as the overall winners of Spirit Week 2019, taking the Mana Cup in their first Spirit Week win. The juniors and sophomores took second and third place, respectively.

The seniors managed to seize first place in the Class Banner, Mascot, NHS Donation Drive and Platform Jam categories. The juniors were just six points behind the seniors’ final score, winning top marks in the Pepper Squad, Pepper Squad Cheer, All-School Cheer, and Capture-the-Flag categories.

The donation drive raised more than $8576.80 for Cherish Meru, a child sponsorship charity dedicated to “educating, equipping, and empowering orphaned children in Meru, Kenya.” According to the student council, the money is enough to sponsor three eighth graders for five years of school until they graduate with the class of 2023.

A note from the Student Council about the Eagle Day dress-up scores that were announced during today’s assembly:

“A mistake was made with the Eagle Day dress-up score announcement. The sophomores actually had 98%. The advisers passed on the correct information, but the announcement was wrong. Thus, the seventh grade came in third, the sophomores in second, and the remaining grades tied for first.”

Final standings:

1st: Seniors (299 points)
2nd: Juniors (293 points)
3rd: Sophomores (257 points)
4th: Eighth Grade (184 points)
5th: Freshmen (170 points)
6th: Seventh Grade (129 points)

Spirit Week 2019 Final Score Sheet

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