Unlike the first movie, Pitch Perfect 3 did not leave me speechless, but fell flat, crippled by poor song choices, an absurd plot line, and forced humor.

The first installment of the Pitch Perfect film series consisted of relatable characters, witty humor, and a realistic plot. The movie is told through the eyes of Becca, a college student who struggles with making major decisions during her first year of college. What makes the first movie so intriguing are the realistic situations.

The downfall of the Pitch Perfect series started when Pitch Perfect 2 was released May 15, 2015. The plot of the movie was similar to the first movie and the ending was predictable. Following the same outline as the previous movie, Pitch Perfect 2 was slightly disappointing. However, the film still kept my attention.

Expecting the film series to make a comeback in the final installment, I was appalled with the outcome. Trish Siek, the director of the movie, definitely thought out of the box for this plot line. Straying away from the first and second installments, the plot line for the third one unexpectedly veered far from the first two plotlines.

Expecting the film series to make a comeback in the final installment, I was appalled with the outcome.

Instead of focusing on the main character’s issue, the plot is based around the supporting actress’s family issues. Her situation takes the audience’s focus away from the purpose of the movie. Trying to lessen the gravity of the situation the characters are in, the characters say predictable jokes that only add to the awkwardness of the situation.

Another factor that negatively impacts the movie are the song choices. The songs performed in the movie aren’t entertaining to watch and to make matters worse, there are barely any performances. The only songs performed are either repeated or just plain boring. One of the performances is captured in a montage which takes up about five minutes of the movie. The well-known ‘riff-off’ scene in Pitch Perfect 3 didn’t hold my attention as well.

With the continued decline in the quality of the series, it is good that it ended at only three movies. This movie was very disappointing and not worth the $10 ticket and the price of snacks or drinks.