What better way to avoid the sweltering summer heat than in a comfortable air conditioned theater, watching a movie.

This summer break I did exactly that. I looked for any excuse to spend the day in a movie theater, preferably the $5 one in Kailua, where I could escape the muggy outdoors.

This summer’s list of movies were, in my opinion, quite exceptional—22 Jump Street, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, NeighborsThe Amazing Spider-Man 2The Fault In Our Stars, and X-Men Days of Future Past were all box-office heavyweights.

X-Men Days of Future Past, unfortunately, has sat in the shadow of The Fault In Our Stars for far too long in my opinion. No one seems to post pictures of their X-men movie stubs or declares that they are going “fan girl” over it. Since I grew up watching the X-Men series, I feel the obligation to highlight the movie’s intricate plot, excellent casting, and thrilling action scenes, which kept me on the edge of my seat.

X-Men Days of Future Past opens in the present world where mutant humans with super powers are on the verge of complete annihilation because of a race of destructive robots called Sentinels. Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, and other mutants from the original X-Men team up to stop the Sentinels by going back in time to stop the creation of the Sentinels.

Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, is sent back into the past to stop Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, from killing the inventor of the Sentinels, which set off the war to destroy all mutants. Wolverine must first find the young Professor X (played by the dashing James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) to convince them to stop Mystique. Director Bryan Singer brings back an amazing original cast, which will delight all X-Men fans.

[one_third]Director Bryan Singer brings back an amazing original cast, which will delight all X-Men fans.[/one_third]

X-Men Days of Future Past has an exceedingly intricate plot that jumps between the past and present. Honestly, it is challenging to completely understand every event that happens in the movie. It’s one of those films, like Inception, that has to be watched more than once to fully understand the plot. If you haven’t watched the earlier X-Men films, I’d advise you against seeing the latest installment until you’ve caught up with the back stories. The movie will seem confusing and you won’t be able to appreciate genius behind it.

The film incorporates an impressive amount of special effects that brings each mutant’s powers to life, not to mention Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning performance as Mystique. Much of the storyline revolves around Mystique’s inner struggle to do what’s right and Lawrence carries it perfectly, playing an outcast who is nonetheless strong. The entire cast is made of experienced actors who have no difficulty playing their roles, whether it be a wise old man or a temperamental delinquent.

It brought much joy to my heart to see characters like Storm, Iceman, Kitty Pride and Professor X working together, and looking like they haven’t aged a day. New characters are also introduced, each with their own creative and unique super power. One of these characters is Quicksilver, a young man who can move at the speed of light. He plays an important role in helping Wolverine in the film. Quicksilver had the theater laughing with his carefree attitude, cheeky comments, and somewhat dim-witted expression.

Overall, X-Men Days of Future Past is a must-watch movie if you have seen the previous films. In my opinion, it is the best of the series and will leave you shocked by the ending. As you play back in your mind what happens in the movie, you’ll find yourself saying, “I did not see that coming.”