This past weekend, Avengers: Age of Ultron opened with a $191.3M domestic debut, the 2nd biggest opening of all time.  In fact, the only film that surpassed it was its predecessor, the original Avengers movie, which raked in $207.4M in 2012.  The Marvel movie includes the beloved super heroes from the first Avengers: Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, Captain America, and The Hulk as well as Agent Hill and Nick Fury,  but also introduces new characters Ultron, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver.  The story picks up from Captain America 2: Winter Soldier released last year.  In fact, Captain America 2’s end credit short showed the two twins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, showing off their powers.

An avid fan of Marvel movies, especially the first Avengers movie, I couldn’t wait to watch the sequel. I had high expectations, and the sequel surpassed my expectations.  I watched the movie on its opening day. Due to events later that day, the  only showing I could make was the RPX (Regal Premium Experience) version of the movie, which cost almost $15 per ticket.  Although it was $5 more expensive than a usual ticket, I found that the money was well worth it.  The screen was bigger, and the sound was louder.  For those wondering weather to splurge on a 3D or IMAX version, I would highly recommend it for the action-packed Avengers 2.  Although pricy, the extra money spent is well worth it as it enhances the movie immensely.  I feel like there are some movies that are better in the theaters, and Avengers is definitely one of them.


Fans of the first movie will enjoy the even crazier fight sequences as the Avengers take the fight from New York to Russia as they battle the Tony Stark created Ultron.


Fans of the first movie will enjoy the even crazier fight sequences as the Avengers take the fight from New York to Russia as they battle the Tony Stark created Ultron.  Although the movie was over two hours, I found myself thoroughly entertained as something unexpected seemed to happen every 20 minutes.  Better weapons, armor like the Ironman’s hulkbuster suit, and technology aid the Avengers as they battle their biggest, most ubiquitous enemy yet: Ultron.  Hawkeye, who was possessed most of the first Avengers movie, has a larger role in the sequel.  After trying to go off the radar, the Avengers head to the safe house.  However, the safe haven is actually Hawkeye’s rural farm home, and it is revealed that he has a wife and three kids, which was one of the biggest plot twists in the movie.

One of the surprising aspects of the movie was the romance between The Hulk (Bruce Banner) and Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff).  Avengers showed Black Widow leaning towards a romance with Hawkeye, while Captain America 2: Winter Soldier showed her flirting with Captain America.  However, this new romance caught me off guard.  However, even though it was really unexpected, I liked how the screenwriters put them together.  Natasha often feels like a monster because of her past, which allows her and Bruce and connect in a way she cannot with the rest of the Avengers.

The new Avengers, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, provided a new aspect to the Marvel universe. The Scarlet Witch especially provides an intriguing storyline with her unique powers of mind control, and I am excited to see what she does in her next Marvel movie.  Elizabeth Olsen, sister of twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, does an excellent job at bringing this superhero to life, nailing the perfect balance of scariness and humanities.

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed with Avengers 2.  Although it may not have beaten the original Avengers movie in my mind, it was extremely entertaining, keeping a solid plot amidst the exciting battle scenes.  I would highly encourage anyone who has enjoyed Marvel movies or enjoys action movies to watch this.  Age of Ultron concludes the second phase of the Marvel studios universe, with phase three starting with Ant Man being released in theaters in July .