The student council hosted the high school’s first ever volleyball intramural tournament.

Students formed teams between three and six players to participate in the two week-long tournament. The goal of intramural volleyball is fun and team participation. History teacher Robert Weismantel, who organized the tournament, said, “I want [the students] to enjoy the [opportunity] for friendly competition.”  In the final match, the Changlangs defeated the De Laulaus, becoming the first ever volleyball intramural champions.

[one_third]“I want [the students] to enjoy the [opportunity] for friendly competition.” History Teacher Robert Weismantel[/one_third]

The tournament began with 16 teams and took place during lunch between April 22 and 29. During the first week, each team played two games, and the top eight teams moved on to the championship games. Teams that did not qualify played their final games on Friday of the first week.

To level the playing field, girls were required to touch the ball at least once when the ball came to their side of the court, guys were only allowed to hit the ball behind the 3-meter line, and after three consecutive serves by one player, that player must make an underhand serve.

A quarterfinal game (between the Changalangs and Medth Injectors) was replayed and it turned out to be a controversial decision by Weismantel as the teams did not agree on whether or not the replay was necessary. While the Medth Injectors won the first quarterfinal match, they lost out to the Changalangs in the replay.

[one_third]“It was a good experience to get active and play in a team sport.” Senior Joey Brown[/one_third]

Weismantel also organized a bracket challenge where students got to guess which teams would go “all the way.” No one was able to predict the outcome.

In the spirit of fun, many teams wore coordinated costumes and had creative team names for the tournament. The Changalangs were outfitted with tie-dye t-shirts, the McRainbows wore neon green tank tops, and the Griffendors came played in sombrero hats. Senior Joey Brown, part of the Moanalosers, said, “It was a good experience to get active and play in a team sport.”



(1) Changalangs def. (8) Medth Injectors

(5) Bodybuilding Band Blowing Blazahz def. (4) Hippo Jiggles

(7) Uncrustables #weatethecrust #jcrust def. (8) McRainbows

(3) De Laulus def. (6) Griffendor


(1) Changalangs def. (5) Bodybuilding Band Blowing Blazahz

(3) De Laulaus def. (7)  Uncrustables #weatethecrust #jcrust


(1) Changalangs def. (3) De Laulaus

Photographs by Christian Oshiro (’14)