Last month, HBA lost a well-loved member of the school community. For many, this man played a huge role in their everyday lives at school.

Hilarion “Larry” Sayson, Jr, security guard for 13 years at the middle and high school campuses, passed away suddenly on April 13, 2018. Uncle Larry or Mr. Larry, as he was known to students, took his job very seriously, directing rush hour traffic, helping to safely park buses, and ensuring that every athlete was always on the correct bus.

Uncle Larry was a friendly face during the morning drop-off traffic. Senior Evan Yamashiro recalls, “Uncle Larry was always the first person to greet me as I walked on campus and he’d say, ‘Good morning’ or ‘Have a wonderful day.’ I’m so glad to have known him throughout my time at HBA. Going to miss you a lot Uncle Larry.”

Librarian Arlene Huster was amazed about how Mr. Larry took the time and effort to learn the names of everyone he met. She explains, “He’d even ask me about my son, by name, who left for college 4 years ago! What a personal touch that made everyone feel welcome.”

On Thursday, April 19, the school set aside time for students to write letters and prayers to Uncle Larry’s family. Many students took the time to write down fond memories of how Uncle Larry helped them during a school day.

Like Yamashiro, senior Ally Wada, a varsity volleyball player, has many fond memories of Uncle Larry. She said, “He would always make an effort to smile and wave at me. He would always ask me when my games were and I remember always seeing him at the door of our games smiling and cheering. I will forever miss his contagious smile and joyful spirit.”

A memorial service is being held this Saturday, May 12, at 11:00 AM at the HBA Elementary Campus Chapel.