Photographs by Logan Takeda (’16)

To complete the World War II unit in American History, sophomores visited the Pacific Aviation Museum, Arizona Memorial, and Battleship Missouri on Monday.

Students got to see the planes and battleships involved in the war and learn more about what took place during the Pearl Harbor attack. At the Pacific Aviation Museum, students visited the hangars that still have bullet holes in the windows from the war. From there, they took a bus ride to the Arizona Memorial where they were given some free time to explore and visit the museum. A short boat ride to the memorial site allowed students to look at the sunken ship and take time to remember those who died during the Pearl Harbor attack.

During the visit to the Battleship Missouri, the final portion of the field trip, the sophomores took part in a ceremony on the deck, honoring relatives who had served in the war. They also toured the battleship, and got to stand in the exact spot where the Japanese officially surrendered to the Allied Powers.