Everyone agrees that the new Apple Watch looks great but with the high price point of $345 to $17,000, is it really worth your money?

The Apple Watch was first released to the public on April 24 this year. Over the course of the three to four months since then, Apple has sold about three million of them. While that may seem like a huge number, the Apple Watch’s sales volume still ranks as Apple’s lowest one compared to its other products.

The Apple Watch’s screen is a reasonable size which fits very nicely on top of the wrist. It comes in two different sizes to allow users with a bigger wrist to get that perfect fit that Apple promises. Weighing at about one and a half ounces, the watch is light, making for a comfortable wearing experience. With a range of strap colors and materials, the Apple Watch is very customizable.

An interesting feature is a hidden component of the watch. On the underside of the watch is a device that gathers health information such as your heart rate and the number of steps you take throughout the day.

On the current version of iOS, the Apple Watch has 18 hours of battery life and eight gigabytes of storage. With upcoming iOS updates, these two specs could quickly improve.

[one_third]The Apple Watch is truly an amazing device that looks beautiful and is the future of technology.[/one_third]

All that said, these features aren’t worth the hefty price tag. The Apple Watch won’t last the day if it is frequently used and eight gigabytes of storage is relatively low compared to how much an iPhone can hold. Junior Davis Tsuha, owner of an Apple Watch, reports however that he does not anticipate running out of storage soon.

Apple claims the watch is made of a very durable glass, but they were proven wrong by several YouTubers who posted “drop test” videos showing how fragile the screen is.

Cost aside, the Apple Watch is truly an amazing device that looks beautiful and is the future of technology. Yet, it is only worth buying if you either have the extra cash or you want the latest Apple technology. As tempting as it is to buy one now, waiting for the second generation of this device would be a smarter investment simply because there will be fewer bugs and hopefully better specs.

Here’s the bottom line:

Pros: Beautiful design, productive apps, wireless & bluetooth capabilities, sturdy build, customizable, best smart watch on the market.

Cons: Limited storage space, short battery life, slow processing speed, requires ownership of an iPhone, overheats easily, hard to maneuver, expensive.

Overall rating: 7.5 out of 10