On October 14, the class of 2016 went to Waikiki and Queen Emma park for Senior Day, an annual event for the senior class.

While the rest of the high school student body stayed at school to take the PSAT, the seniors took the day off to enjoy a class bonding day. Showing up in their Spirit shirts and shorts, the seniors relaxed that Wednesday morning as they prepared for a day of fun. Instead of going to assigned test rooms when the bell rang as they had done in previous years, they gathered to the cafeteria to receive instructions for the day before boarding the school buses for Waikiki.

At Waikiki, the students and advisers split up into pre-assigned teams to do a scavenger hunt. The groups were given three lists: things to collect, things to take pictures of, and things to take videos of. Each item earned the groups a certain number of points. Some of the items included collecting napkins with different restaurant logos, taking a picture of the group with aloha shirts, and taking a video of the group dancing and getting tourists to join them. The seniors had about an hour and a half to complete the scavenger hunt.

After running through Waikiki in a hectic frenzy to earn points, the students split up to grab lunch before heading to Queen Emma Park in Nuuanu for a time of relaxation and bonding. Many went to Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, while others went to Jamba Juice and Subway. After lunch, some boys started a game of half-court basketball, while other students formed a friendly circle for volleyball. Others took naps, hung out with friends, and played cards.

When the seniors returned back to school, the advisers announced the winners of the scavenger hunt: Adviser Andrew Vitek’s group. In spite of losing to Vitek’s team, senior Zoe Lilo said, “My group was [in] second place, but I can honestly we had loads of fun doing everything together.” Senior Chester Hui shared that “the best thing about the field trip was making passersby and tourists do weird things like singing and dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.”