The Hunger Games is story about a fight for survival in a post apocalyptic world.

On September 19, the senior class council held a class social around this popular book and movie series. The evening began with a “reaping”, where names of tributes (or competitors) from the Class of 2015 were placed into a bowl and randomly separated into districts. Comprising seven to eight members, each district competed in a variety of challenges, including jousting with pool noodles, blowing marshmallows, and navigating a laser maze created by Physics Teacher and senior adviser Andrew Vitek and senior Junlang Chen.

Made up of stacked-up chairs and desks, the laser maze took place in a darkened room with moving laser beams and a smoke machine. Tributes had to crawl through one door to enter and make their exit at the other end of the room without touching any obstacles or getting hit by lasers. In addition, each district was timed and penalty seconds were added if contact was made with laser beams or obstacles.

[one_third]”Each district competed in a variety of challenges, including jousting with pool noodles, blowing marshmallows, and navigating a laser maze.”[/one_third]

The evening also featured an event titled “Effie Trinket’s Fashion Show.” Each district had to created an outfit made out of glow sticks along the Hunger Games theme. Talent and creativity took center stage as representatives from each district strutted down a catwalk with the lights turned off, glowing in their outfits. Vitek and Math Teacher Terence Li provided live commentary over the music as the fashion show took place. Vitek says, “Just as a spectator, it was really fun to see the creativity from the students. It was also entertaining as a commentator…giving my opinion out loud, although it was difficult for me to hold back on some of my comments based on what I saw.”

Districts also competed in a large scale capture-the-flag game — simply titled “Hunger Games Game” — on the high school campus. In this challenge, districts were paired up into teams and each team was assigned a home base where their colored flag would be placed. The goal of the game was for teams to guard their own flags and steal an opponent’s flag for points.

The competition concluded with a Hunger Games trivia game, and then the results were announced. It was a close race between the top districts but District 4 emerged as the winner. “We’ve had this idea since sophomore year and we worked extremely hard on this for the past two months. Seeing it all come together was really satisfying, and seeing everyone have fun made all the hard work worth it, ” says senior class president Danielle Toda, who helped host the evening as the character Prim. “My favorite part was probably the glow stick fashion show, or seeing all the different districts come together and show their district pride. I’m really happy this all worked out.”

Photographs by Danielle Toda (’15)