On an early Thursday morning, the senior class of 2016 met at Honolulu International Airport to embark on three activity filled days on the island of Maui for their senior trip.

Upon arrival, seniors along with a handful of advisors got on a bus to Lahaina for a quick lunch before heading to the beach.  Although they were greeted with rainy and windy weather, seniors and advisors continued their plans to spend the day at Kamaole Beach Park. For the majority of the trip, seniors participated in a wide range of water activities, like body boarding, snorkeling off the coast of Maui, or soaking each other with water gun bumper boats.

A highlight on the trip for many seniors was the snorkeling and whale watching tour.  The windy weather and choppy waters prevented students from snorkeling off of Molokini and the group was relocated to Coral Garden.  After snorkeling, the group got back onto the boat and spent the remaining time whale watching.  Some students were able to witness a whale breach.

For many seniors, the trip was a final chance to spend time together as an entire class before graduation.  Senior Chester Hui says, “This trip has enhanced my belief that our class is close. We treat each other like family, and it seems that we don’t hang out in cliques anymore.”

“We treat each other like family, and it seems that we don’t hang out in cliques anymore.”

The talent show held in Maui Beach Hotel ballroom offered a fun experience for students to entertain their classmates over dinner.  “It was cool to see the different acts people came up with,” says senior class president Briana Smith. “Some of the performances were funny and witty, while others displayed real talents.  I think the seniors were euphoric for this event in particular, since there was a lot of hype about it from previous years.”  Smith also enjoyed seeing classmates play the game Don’t Drop The Coconut from the movie “Just Go With It.”

The trip also offered the chance for many students to spend time with their teachers outside of the school setting.  Senior advisor Garrett Omoto says, “Since I didn’t know many of the students well, I’d say that it was a pleasure to get to know so many of them and see them grow up. I wish I was not such an introvert and got to know many more of the students.”  Omoto adds that he appreciates the time he spent talking to senior Tanner Isaacs about Star Wars and was surprised that Isaacs knew more about the movies than him.

As for advice to next year’s class, many students and teachers from the class of 2016 agree that taking Dramamine is necessary in preventing seasickness and having fun on the boat excursion.  Senior Shelbi Nakano adds, “Make sure to have fun and enjoy this last time you get to spend with your classmates. Makes lots of memories and take lots of pictures!”