For the first time in Hawaii Baptist Academy history, the student council hosted a Sadie Hawkins event.

Renamed Skatie Hawkins, girls whipped out their most creative ideas and took the initiative to ask the boys to an ice-skating event. Boys could finally sit back, relax, and take a break from asking for once.

In the months leading up to the event, the high school campus buzzed with the latest news on who asked whom. Students came to school with the expectation of seeing a guy getting asked.

“Sadie Hawkins Day” is named after a comic strip character named Li’l Abner. The comic was about women from a town called Dogpatch who would chase men and marry the ones they caught. Ever since this woman-empowering story, the tradition has lived on for years in high schools as a twist on couples’ events.

Skatie Hawkins was held on November 8 at the Ice Palace in Salt Lake. Students enjoyed hot chocolate and arcade games in addition to being on the ice. Dates were not required for those who desired to skate with various friends.

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