Radio hosts are set in place to give stations a ‘personality’ that the common public will recognize and remember.

While having complete control of a live show can be a liberating job, it’s not an excuse to belittle people just because it increases self-esteem and solicits laughs from other people. Any host’s main focus is to draw in listener. The problem is, what extent will people go to just for attention?

[one_third]The duo always has something to say that gets the mute button pushed in our car.[/one_third]

It surprises me that no one seems to bring up the fact that the epidemic of rude radio show hosts in Hawaii is dawning upon us rapidly. Listening to Sam and Ryan on 102.7 Da Bomb give their ignorant and misogynistic opinions on topics that don’t necessarily meet their shallow standards isn’t exactly what I hope to listen to on my morning commute to school. Being one of the few stations that actually played songs I could tolerate, 102.7 Da Bomb very soon became a mortal enemy to me and my mother. The pair’s derogatory comments on air—made worse by their obnoxiously loud voices—cross the fine line of being comedic and insensitively pretentious. They discuss topics like relationships, pop-culture, women, and sex, and keep to this limited range for the most part. Whether it be degrading women or commenting inappropriately on topics that should be taken seriously, the duo always has something to say that gets the mute button pushed in our car.

When The X Factor and The Voice came back on air last fall, Demi Lovato was the hot topic of the DJs’ conversation. They made an obvious effort to point out the weight shifts of retired Disney star and The Voice coach Christina Aguilera. Sam and Ryan precariously threw in their ‘humorous’ comments about how Aguilera was slimming down while Demi seemed to be gaining weight and getting bigger.They publicly humiliated her on air, despite the fact that Demi has dealt with eating disorders and other mental health problems in the past.

[one_third]Two adult men should know what to say and what not to say; it’s called a filter. [/one_third]

A person’s weight should not be publicly discussed and the fact that her body image has been a known struggle for the actress and singer makes the entire radio segment inexcusably inappropriate. Two adult men should know what to say and what not to say; it’s called a filter. Maybe it seems that I’m being a little harsh—all humans say things they’re not proud of—but the fact that this occurrence takes place regularly on Sam and Ryan’s radio show is proof that it’s no accident.

I also remember the station hosting some sort of contest on their Facebook page where listeners could post pictures of themselves to be featured on their show. The two DJs commented on a woman’s post, complaining that only part of her face was showing, and that she should have uploaded a full body picture. They continued to make crude comments on what they so desired to see from her, which made for a nauseating experience for the listener. They treated the woman like an object, judged only by her physical appearance. It was utterly unacceptable, and not to mention creepy.

The entire reason we tune in to the radio is to listen to music and to be either informed or entertained. Listening to two adult men comment openly on their sexual preferences neither informs me nor entertains me. In fact, it sickens me.

[one_third]Whether or not it’s just their radio persona, the pair’s disrespect is still not acceptable. [/one_third]

Confirmation of their intentionally offensive persona can be found on Da Bomb’s website. Hawaiian Ryan’s first fact is listed as “Morning radio DJ (trash-talker)”, a name he definitely lives up to. Under Sam’s bio it gets a little worse, as he explains his favorite part of being on the show is “hanging up on callers.” Both descriptions match perfectly what I’ve heard on air almost every time I’ve tuned in. Whether it be discrediting a woman’s opinion due to the fact she’s a female (gasp!), asking invasively personal questions to their callers, or straight up insulting someone simply because their views don’t match up with theirs, Sam and Ryan definitely know how to spark a conversation heavily marinated in sarcasm and disrespect.

Whether or not it’s just their radio persona, the pair’s disrespect is still not acceptable. One might argue that the show has a large audience (not including me) who enjoy their humor and antics, and that the things they say aren’t meant to be taken seriously. But that’s the whole point of sarcasm and jokes: it’s supposed to be light. The thing is, when you’re joking about issues that are actually serious and being plainly disrespectful to people, it’s not humor anymore. Sam and Ryan’s bigotry and impudence are clear signs of where their morals stand. And their show is proof of how low they will go just to gain a moment’s glory.