The atmosphere inside the gym was electric as classes readied for the final showdown of an already intense Spirit Week 2018.

Yet while the inter-grade competitiveness proved no different than years past, Friday’s assembly placed special emphasis on school unity. So this year instead of Platform Jam, which was moved to Wednesday’s assembly, each class’s mascots joined together for a special unity presentation featuring the school’s mascot Endurance the Eagle. Endurance, who was introduced by a special video produced by Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair Sean Malinger and Animation teacher Garett Omoto, led the mascots through a dance that featured a gigantic “United We Stand” sign enthusiastically touted by math teacher Terrence Li.

Besides the special presentation, Friday’s assembly also featured the final point-earning competition of the week: the All-School Cheer, in which every class is tasked with creating their own unique interpretation of an identically worded cheer. Later, the varsity cheerleading team previewed their cheer routine to the student body, and the boys and girls varsity Basketball team members were introduced.

Reflecting the theme of school unity, students came bedecked in the school colors of Black, Gold and White, with some grades, such as the juniors and seniors, choosing to exclusively dress in one of the three colors.

As for the final scores, they will be announced during halftime of the homecoming game Friday evening. Please check the website for further updates.

Here are the featured images from Black, Gold, and White Day

Photographs by Joel Lau (’18), Brant Yamamoto (’18), Tim Dixon (’20), and Ryan Su (alumni, ’17).