HBA’s 2018 Spirit Week began this week Monday, January 8, to much anticipation.

Students of both the middle and high school arrived on campus at the beginning of the week dressed as their favorite internet memes (humorous combinations images and text that serve as the inside jokes of the internet and are spread via social media). Costumes ranged from those emulating the ubiquitous Salt Bae to more obscure memes such as one parodying Ajit Pai, the head of the Federal Communications Commission. Monday’s festivities culminated with a combined middle and high school Spirit Assembly, in which cheers were exchanged and grades competed against each other for Spirit points in the annual inter-grade Tug-of-War match.

Tuesday was christened “Squad Day,” and groups of students formed individual squads that banded together and dressed up in costumes that reflected one central theme. For example, a squad of seniors came disguised as the characters of the acclaimed animated television show Bob’s Burgers, while a group of sophomores promoted the theme of “chick magnet.” Finally the whole school gathered once more for Tuesday’s Spirit Assembly. This year, however, broke with tradition in that the student council replaced the usual Minute to Win It competition with an intense and fast paced game of Capture the Flag, one round even taking place in the dark, lit only by the spectators’ cell phone lights.

Here are the current standings:

1st Place: Seniors (38 Points)

2nd Place: Sophomores (36 Points)

3rd Place: Juniors (26 Points)

4th Place: Eighth Grade (16 Points)

5th Place: Seventh Grade (12 Points)

6th Place: Freshman (9 points)


Featured Pictures from Monday (Meme Day)


Featured Pictures from Tuesday (Squad Day)


Photographs by Joel Lau (’18), Brant Yamamoto (’18), Timothy Dixon (’20), Jarin Ashimine (’20), and Kaycee Nakashima (’20).