On the first day back from Winter Break, HBA middle and high school students had the opportunity to enjoy a uniform-free school day.

Students could be found in sweats, t-shirts, high socks, and running shoes. This was all a part of HBA’s annual Spirit Week 2014. The first day of the activity-packed week included a workout themed dress up and a tug-of-war between grades. Students also caught a glimpse of their competitors’ banners, mascots, and overall energy. The dress up participation score ended with a three-way tie for first—at 100% participation—between the sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

In the tug-of-war battle between seventh and eighth grade, the eighth graders won for both the girl and boy categories. The tug-of-war between the freshmen and sophomores resulted in sophomore wins in both categories. In a closely fought battle, the juniors triumphed over the seniors in the girls tug-of-war, but lost later in the boys category. At the end of the assembly, HBA faculty and seniors engaged in a friendly tug-of-war battle with the remaining time. The seniors also won that competition, although it does not count for any points in the Spirit Week grade competition.

With four days left of the Spirit Week competition, students will continue to dress up in different costumes and participate in various competitive activities. On the second day, students will dress as civilians from different time eras, including Roman, Western, The Great Depression, Futuristic, Egyptian, and Pirate. There will also be the Platform Jam and Minute to Win it competition at the end of Day Two.