“Summer is a time for students to explore, relax and express themselves freely,” said senior adviser and counselor Tara Gruspe.

At the start of this past summer break, senior Jason Lau looked forward to having the freedom to indulge himself without worrying about the school’s dress code. Lau’s fashion identity plays a huge part in his life. He remarks, “It’s [about] expressing myself and not someone else.”

Lau feels that wearing the HBA uniform restricts his individualism. “I like to wear one shirt that has a squirrel that has a chainsaw that is cutting nuts in half. I’m sure it would be against HBA’s dress code.”

A new hair style or color is another way students exhibit originality and break the tedium of the school dress code. Senior Blaise Takushi, who colored his hair light brown over the summer, states, “I dyed my hair because I wanted to. I think black is boring.”

Senior Jantzen Nakai, who was going to attend a summer college program on the mainland, felt the need to reinvent himself and try something new this summer. He said, “Since I was going to get a new experience, I might as well try something new with my hair”. Nakai bleached his hair to a light brown color.

Reprieve from dress code was not the only indulgence that students were able to enjoy. Many students also enjoyed the summer by simply relaxing, whether it be indulging themselves in Netflix marathons or concentrating on nothing but social media. “I watched a lot of Netflix, and I started binge watching a new series,” said junior Alyssa Futa.

Alumna Danielle Woo, who is glad that the end of the summer no longer spells the end of bold hair colors and clothing, stated, “It’s liberating not having to follow dress code anymore. Free dress is the kind of privilege you don’t really appreciate until it’s gone.”