On the second day of the England trip, students traveled through the home and inspiration to the Lake Poets, the Lake District. Students were tasked with writing a short 10-line poem describing the land they saw.

By Rylie Sumimoto

The labor of one produced the beauty for many.
Nature is the teacher and its pupil is me.
The hours I desire to spend here: 20
Walking we did.
On mud we slid.
Hide and seek we played.
Frontiera we obeyed.

Students took a boat cruise on Lake Windermere, England’s largest lake.
By Jasmine Bernd

The lake, the swans, the trees,
The chilling autumn breeze,
All promise serenity.
The lake with its tranquility,
Calms my heart and soul.
The swans swim with such grace,
As if they know none of life’s woes.
The trees, row upon row, stay silent and still.
The perfect picture of nature’s infinity.

Lake Windermere is a ten and a half mile long ribbon lake.
By Madison Davis

The placid waters of Lake Windermere welcome me home
As the cool breeze tickles my neck and brushes my hair.
The majestic swans flaunt their pearl white feathers
And scamper about the shores.
Crisp autumn air fills my heart with joy
And the auburn leaves bring delight to my eyes.
As the freshwaters lap against the docks
And the sun peers behind the clouds,
My homeland sings to me
And all is well in my heart and soul.


By Deanna Sanekane

A cool, refreshing wind.
A pale sun reflecting off of the smooth surface of the lake.
Gliding across the lake is a swan, sleep, smooth, graceful.
Behind the swan comes a roaring, sputtering.
A boat.
It cuts through the glass surface of the water,
Churning up the murk that rests at the bottom of the lake.
The boat roars away
Chasing a swan away into the fog.

By Anne Shiraishi

The gray pale sky is the background
To the vast canvas of greenery
Miles of peaceful scenery
Contrast where I once was
With Mcdonalds and traffic at every corner
The difference is so strikingly beautiful
The wind whips against my face.
And the sun peeks from the array of trees
I can’t help but grin
Because only few can imagine
The life of simplicity and solitude

By Kim Yamamoto

As I gaze upon the open lake
I remember falls past
Boats floating on the big blue water
Glistening beneath the suns powerful ray
Trees swaying in the breeze
Waiting for its daily feed
Birds chirping as they fly
In the open sky
I wait for the calling
Of my next return

By Kelsey Morihara

The crisp cool breeze
The lake before me glistens
Many sailors set out on the lake
Houses made of stone light up the street
Leaves decending into pools of water
Older couples walking hand in hand
The swans approach
begging for some spare food
The relaxing lifestyle
Soothes my soul
I am finally back home
The only place I love and belong

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